#theparders Residency

In order to promote cultural exchanges in the region of Ticino and to give an alternative look at the Locarno Film Festival, #theparders organizes a residency for a young swiss artist.

From the 31st of July to the 14th of August the resident will be hosted in Locarno free of charges at the bed&breakfast Guardiano del Farro. The resident will get a all-access accreditation to follow the Film Festival and will have the possibility to show an art project especially conceived to be realized in Locarno.

The exhibition will be produced in place, covering a maximum of 2000.00 CHF It will be held at Mono-spazio condiviso and it will last for the three final days of the residency. During the residency time, #theparders will organize round tables, workshops and public events in order to allow the resident to meet the public, artists and cultural personalities acting in the southern part of Switzerland.

How to apply

You can apply if:

If you match those requirements, please send us:

to info@theparders.ch with RESIDENCY17 in the object line

What we offer

During the residency period, #theparders will organize workshops, masterclasses, round tables and projection on the theme of the SURFACE.

This year #theparders Residency and activities project aims to explore the multiple declinations of the idea of surface. The surface is the limit between us and the others, between us and the rest of our reality. Being superficial might signify willingly reaming at the edge of depths, but also touching softly and gently over a larger, sensible area. The surface of things allows us to build up a first visual identity and idea of the world. In a more practical level as well, the surface might be the photographic film, the movie screen, a mirror or the top of a lake's waves.


For more info, please contact us: info@theparders.ch